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Dress Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2011:  In all times women loved dresses. And even now super-modern ladies still want to look feminine and wear nice gowns and frocks that flatter their figures. However, fashion changes and from time to time new styles appear while others vanish as we lose interest in them.

Dress trends for Spring-Summer 2010 are diverse and sometimes surprising. Read and know what you should wear to look fashionable and womanly this year.

Little black dress. It is classic and chic and women, generation after generation, tend to own at least one perfect LBD in their wardrobe. Such dress always works well. All you need to do is to find accessories to suit the style and occasion.

Strapless dress. This type of dresses are perfect for special events and red carpets. They look sophisticated and show the beauty of woman’s neck and decolette. Wearing a strapless gown even the most ordinary girl will attract atttention.

One-shoulder dress. This style has been with us for a few seasons already and is still very popular both with designers and customers. Single-shoulder gowns are often chosen to grace on the red carpet and there are dresses which suit everyday situations, too.

Leather dress. This trend has come to us from colder season of Fall-Winter 2009/2010. Leather looks interesting and luxurious but dresses made of this material are obviously not the best for summer heat.

Light dress. As a great contrast to leather dresses come light and uber-feminine ones. This type of frocks is perfect for walking outdoors and enjoying the warm sun. They look pretty and you will hardly feel hot in them.

Sheer dress. Sheer dresses are for confident girls, those who feel their body is good enough to show. Light airy fabrics create the illusion of fairy-tale beauty.

Cutaway dress. Another option for confident girls is a dress with cutaways. Such design looks sexy and unusual. And you will always be the center of attention.

Dress + belt. This is the hottest trend of the season. Belts come with all styles and outfits. And with dresses belts look good, too. Belts can add glamour and chic or be playful and delicate, Everything depends on how you wear those. Experiment a lot to find the style of your own.

Lacy dress. Speaking about femininity and sexuality we just cannot miss the lace as the great fabric for expressing both these characteristics. Lace reveals much but hides a lot eather and that is attractive about it.

Flower dress. A couple of fashion seasons ago we saw this trend blossoming. Flowers in all shapes and prints were used everywhere, from outfits to jewelry. And as it turns out fashion repeats itself! Flowers are again hot.

Simple dress. If you have got tired of multiple details this trend is for you. Simple designs with no frills, sequins, bows and ribbons look beautiful, but if you choose to wear them opt for noticable accessories like red hat, chunky jewelry or extraordinary shoes.

Printed dress. Prints are popular as never before. Mostly these are tiny polca dots, flowers, stripes, strawberries, etc.

Frilled dress. All kinds of frills are trendy this spring and summer. They can be long and scarce or short and dense.

Layered dress. Despite the fact it is warm and sunny designers offer us to wear layers. You can choose knitted fabrics or light chiffon ones.

Extravagant dress. There are women who refuse wearing common dress styles. They want to stand out, to attract attention. For such ladies extravagant dresses are created. Although few designers specialize on those, what they make is a real work of art.

As you see being fashionable is not difficult as there are plenty of styles to choose from. Hope you like the post!

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